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The tuning charge for the immediate Evansville area is $95.00. (All religious institutions receive a $10.00 discount.) Rates vary depending on your geographic location, so please call or email me for the rate in your area. Just click on the Contact tab above.

If your piano has not been tuned regularly it may need a pitch raise (or two) before it can be fine-tuned. A pitch raise is $45.00. For more information on pitch raises, please see the Tuning FAQ's.


Many repairs (sticking keys, pedal adjustments, etc.) can be performed during the tuning appointment. In most cases these tend to be relatively simple repairs and there is no extra charge. More complex repairs, however, may incur a charge depending on the time involved.

Any major repairs will be quoted before the work is performed.

Action regulation and voicing

Regulation of the action and hammer voicing times will vary with each piano. The standard rate is $90.00 per hour.


There are many facets to piano rebuilding (and, frankly, many interpretations of what that means) from simply replacing old hammers to a complete rebuild which includes new strings, new hammers, new dampers, new action parts, refinishing, etc.

Please call for a free estimate if you are considering any type of major refurbishing of your piano.

Appraisals and Evaluations

If you’re considering buying a used piano, I strongly suggest you have it inspected by a piano technician. You will then know for certain if it is worth the asking price. Evaluations are $80.00 in the immediate Evansville area. Call for information regarding other geographic locations. You will receive a detailed inspection report of the piano’s condition.

Payments Accepted

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